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How to replace and fit a Samsung washing machine drum paddle lifter or baffle

This video will show you how to change a broken drum paddle in a Samsung washing machine your clothes may be getting holes in them or snagging and damaging them. You mean need to make sure that you have the correct drum paddle for the model of your machine you will find this on the identification plate inside the door on the back of the washing machine.
These are just a few of the drum paddle part numbers made by Samsung so its important to have the right model number, if you need help finding the right one for your machine contact us, https://www.how-to-repair.com/help/contact-us/
DC66-00455A, DC66-00523A, DC66-00759A, DC66-00938a, DC66-00354A, DC97-02051E, DC66-00657A, DC66-00760A, DC66-00304A, DC97-01463N, DC66-00677A, DC66-00541A, DC97-02051A, DC97-13901A,
Timestamp on how to replace and fit a Samsung washing machine drum paddle
00:00 into to Samsung fault holes in the clothes, snagging clothes and damaging them.
02:36 how to remove Samsung washing machine lid.
02:51 how to remove Samsung washing machine steam hose.
03:14 locate Samsung washing machine drum paddle screw.
06:18 Replace \u0026 fit new drum paddle lifter.
10:41 important always run calibration mode after work.
11:04 Support our website.

Samsung washing machine drum paddles or lifters are available at the website (in the USA they sometimes call these baffles https://www.how-to-repair.com/
▶ If you drop the screw into the Drum this video will help

▶ How to clean your washing machine drum

▶ How to run calibration mode on Samsung washing machine (you need to do this after any repair or moving the washing machine to a new location)

▶ we have lots of Samsung repair videos here and also at website https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnAHZbSarsyEjzuBWxGVzMl6sBoDG1Mvc
the best screw to replace the old one is 316 stainless steel as this will not suffer with electrolysis or corrosion.
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#samsung washing machine #drum paddle #drum lifter
Stephen Kelly : Brilliant video lve got a Samsung washing machine with the same problem. You've just saved me a bucket full of money to get someone in to fix it. Many thanks
BoschLad1886 : Really unrelated but i love that Bosch on the left! Shame samsung have made everything so complicated
Marcelo : Hello, good afternoon, from Argentina, Buenos Aires bothered you. Really excellent du YouTube cansl mut didactic since at the moment I am doing a washing machine technician course. Greetings from now
Matt Bandura : trick I use is tape the screw to the screwdriver head with electrical tape

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Javier Garza : gracias por tu video, un duda es lo mismo roto orbital y orbital aleatoria??
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