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MORE accurate & MORE wearable than a Rolex Submariner!

Yup! This Certina DS Action Diver in 38 mm C032.807.22.041.10 is more accurate and more wearable than a Rolex Submariner.
Yes, It does not have the crown on the dial, but this Certina has the turtle on the caseback ;)
Brian Smith : Great review! What a beautiful diver. For me, Certina is just about the best out there considering what you get for your money. My favorite brand. Turtle on!
Alex Los : I really got into smaller watches and for me 38mm hits a sweet spot. I got mine in a black dial a year ago and I absolutely love it. The watch has a great fit for smaller sized wrists and has a really nice presence on the wrist. You just feel quality and everything is just perfectly balanced. I would say that the quality of this watch is probably better than some of the “luxury” watch brands out there. Highly recommend this to anyone!
JRG drums and watches : I bought this as soon as it was available and I love it! There's something about this dial, the reflections, the flat sapphire crystal, the applied markers, it just looks awesome. So wearable and yet so robust and water resistant, it's just a perfect daily wear. This and the DS Super PH500m are my favorite diver watches. Certina offers a lot for the monney, nice to see more reviews of them!
crni_tekac : Certina is sleeped on heavily , you can get insane value ds action models for under 300 euros. Heritage swiss brand, great specs and a mildly decorated ETA movement for that insane price. Its my most acurate piece actually and i own Doxas, Zenith, Tudor among other.
Elshantonio : One of the most comfortable watches I ever owned. Got the green one and even if I had the money for a Hulk I feel like I'd still go for my green 38 mm turtle ...if that isn't high praise, I don't know what is.

45Super HK Mark23: Ported vs Non Ported Barrel Chronographed Part 2

This is a follow up video to

There were so many comments and I got a few emails on how bad the velocity was hurting the 45 Super. My buddy noticed the comments and decided to loan me his MK23 to test the theory.

Previous Gel test and Chronoraph data
Richard Colligon : Fantastic video! It's amazing the difference between the ported and none ported. But from top to bottom they'll all get the job done. Those velocities are pushing the 44 magnum range. I would love to see a comparison between the 45super and 44 magnum. My son has a custom 1911 that was built by a military arm's maker he knew in Iraq. I'll have to ask him if it can handle 45super. You could check with CMMG and their 45, they say it can take a full diet of 450smc. I'm having surgery on Monday and I'll be laid up for awhile. I'm hoping in the first half of 2022 on settling some malpractice lawsuit's. I would love to help you and some other channel's with product's and ammunition. Just so you know, here in the Communist state of New Jerky this morning it was 15° and felt like 4°.
Dale Fry : Good shooting as well as stout velocities from a .45. Glad you didn't shoot the chrono like my cousin did!
Alaska1 Andy : Pretty good shooting for a marine. Go Air Force.
6.5 Grendel : Always police up that brass , thanks for the video!!
Commies Are Horrible : That Mark23 is nice


Today, I will show you how to clean the knitting machine.
This video is dedicated to Marina!

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00:00 Intro
00:15 Disassembling the machine (parts)
01:40 Removing the needle rails and the needles
02:42 Removing the pushers
03:12 Cleaning the beds
* Clean the beds first, then reinsert the needles and the pushers.
05:11 Cleaning the color changer
05:40 Reinserting the needle rails
05:51 Tip for the needle rails
06:14 Preparing the brush for cleaning the parts
06:25 Tip for cleaning the beds and the needle channels
06:47 Lubricating the needles
08:02 Lubricating the rails
08:43 Lubricating the pushers
09:31 Tip for lubricating the needles
09:47 Cleaning the edge springs
10:08 Cleaning the tension mast
10:24 Cleaning the extension plate
10:24 Cleaning and lubricating the Deco device
11:22 Cleaning the card reader
11:35 Cleaning and lubricating the back lock
13:50 Cleaning and lubricating the front lock
15:09 Assembling the machine (parts)
* You can drop a few drops of oil on the rail, where are the edge springs.

► Warning: I am showing the way that I clean my machine! I tried to make the cleaning process FAST, EFFECTIVE and HARMFULL for the parts of the machine.

►MUSIC: (License info at the bottom ↓)
Intro: Left U Into Sting - Otis McDonald – YouTube Audio Library (00.00 – 00.05)
Welcome — Declan DP _ Background Music _ Audio Library Release – (00.06 – 03.03)
Flashback (Remastered) – Zayfall (No Copyright Music) – (03.04 – 05.10)
Lisbon - Ason ID [Audio Library Release] · Free Copyright-safe Music – (05.11 – 08.14)
Flowers – Sakura Girl (No Copyright Music) – (08.15 – 11.54)
Reflections – Markvard (No Copyright Music) – (11.55 – 14.31)
Soulful — Dave Osorio _ Background Music _ Audio Library Release – (14.32 – 17.16)






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Flashback (Remastered) by ZAYFALL
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Reflections by Markvard
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sistermaide : Another nice set of instructions! I have never seen 3yarn mast on one machine! I think I'll try to do that too. Seems no matter what colors I have on. Seems I want yet. Another for embellishments.
Galaxy Three : Really great video. Much needed. A trick I learned over the years was to use a womans nylon stocking pulled over the vacuum. The stocking allows the vacuum to work but traps items for you to view. As machines get older it's not uncommon to have a small screw drop in the rail.
ArtOfClay : Thank you for the comment, sistermaide!
I'm not sure if the stand for the third one was bought in addition to the machine or was handmade by the person who used it before me. It may look good in the video, but it's not very stable.
ArtOfClay : Oh, thank you!, Galaxy Three! That's a great idea!




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