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체어맨 오디오, CD Changer 결합 - Trunk trim assembly 3

체어맨은 오디오, CD changer(player) 가 트렁크에 있습니다. 아마도 벤츠의 무게배분 설게 때문인 것 같은데요. CD changer를 조립해 줬습니다. 그런데 역시나 쉽게 되지 않네요. 이렇게 문제가 많은 적은 첨인듯.

sound :
최준식 : 대구르님 팬입니다. 저도 구체 소유하고 있어 더욱 공감가는 부분이 많습니다.
노랑범 : 아 최고네요. diy 영상 보다 이렇게 웃을 줄은 상상도 못했습니다. ㅋㅋ
성우진 : 눈물없이는 볼 수 없는....ㅎㅎㅎ 너무 잘보고 있어요. 다이하다보면 뜻밖의 상황에 욕이 막나오죠. 한 수 잘 배워갑니다~~~
dragon Lee : 매번 잼나게 보고 가요
넘 공감됨ㅋ
최준식 : 그런데 이번 건은 너무 힘드셨겠어요 웃으면 안돼는데.... 웃음이 나오네요.....
데구르님 홧팅!!!!

(빈티지 카오디오 54.) 데크 없이 CD체인저와 인데쉬모니터 로만 듣는 음악.

데크 없이 CD체인저와 인데쉬모니터 로만 듣는 음악.
이렇게 듣는 음질이 데크를 통해서 듣는것보다 훨씬 좋다.

Addzest CDJ-777 CD 체인저.
Addzest TVX 7550 7"모니터.
볼륨단은 만듬.

Repairing my cd changer in the Ford Super Duty

Repairing my cd changer in the Ford Super Duty - Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional electronics repair tech nor do I make any claims that I am an expert in this field. That being said.... any repair attempts on your own equipment may or may not end up rendering it useless. This is what I came up with as a suitable repair without taking the cd changer unit to a repair center. For what they charge, I could as well buy a nice aftermarket unit for my truck. Those of you that are like me and prefer the look of the factory stereo unit, this video may help you diagnose and repair your unit. Remember... be safe and make sure the unit is powered off before attempting to service it!
@DonziGT230 : Great video. I just fixed mine, thanks :-) !
Tip for removing the cds: hold the unit upside down, gravity helps them drop towards the rollers. Put your finger in the disk hole and push it out a bit, there's little locking tabs at the front you gotta get past first. Then grab the front edge of the disc and bounce/wiggle the unit up & down so it jiggles the disc stack and the disc will release and slide out.

The gear in mine was hiding somewhere in the radio portion, holding it upside down I banged it around 'till it dropped out of its hiding spot, luckily onto the table and not vanishing into the 4th dimension.
@Pontisteve : Thank you! I was so focused on the CD player in my 03 explorer that I didn't even notice the little white gear laying loose in my radio. I actually found 2 of these gears loose. The 2nd one was buried deeper, and required more disassembly. It was still barely hanging on the motor.

I found another video on radios that showed how the position switches get internal corrosion and can be cleaned. Between that and these 2 white gears coming off, I now have a working Cd6!
@lakesideranch : Hey Shawn !
Hope you had a great summer, the boat ran well, and you have your world under control :)
Cool video, like your narration and the results prove U know what you're doing !
Great to see a video from ya...
I'm still watchin !
@ThomasDorig : Thanks a lot for uploading this video and for your work. My CD Changer worked again perfectly. Keep up the good work!!
@totothedog8830 : 6 years later than you! Couldnt get it out with a coathanger and suffered some cosmetic damage to my dashboard as a result so i definitely recommend spending the 10 dollars to do it properly but same problem with the little white plastic piece and this worked incredibly




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