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PDP Mainstage Complete Kit Drum Kit Review by Sweetwater Sound

Get the PDP Mainstage Complete Kit here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PDMA22K8BZ

In this video I am demonstrating the PDP Mainstage Complete Drum Kit. As the name states, this is a complete package, all the way down to a pair of 7A drumsticks. It is a prefect beginners drum kit that comes with everything you need. You could take it home, set it up, and get right to making music. Sometimes it is hard for a beginner to figure out what to get when just starting out. This PDP Mainstage Kit definitely takes all of the guess work out of that process. These are well built drums that are part of the DW family so you can be confident that you are getting a quality instrument that will last and sound good.

The drums are 7-ply and made from poplar wood. Poplar is an abundant hardwood that has been used in drum making for decades. The kit comes with 8" x 10" and 9" x 12" rack toms, a 14" x 16" floor tom, a 18" x 22" kick drum, and a 5" x 14" matching snare drum. The drums have a very cool looking Bronze Metallic Wrap and black rims, lugs, and mounts.

The hardware is very sturdy for a kit of this kind. All of the stands are double braced and if taken care of will last for a really long time. You get a boom cymbal stand, a straight cymbal stand, a snare stand, a Hi-Hat stand, a drum throne, and a very nice feeling kick drum pedal that has a two-sided beater.

Rounding out this complete package you get a set of Zildjian Planet Z cymbals which include 13" hi-hats, a 20" ride, and a 16" crash.

If you are new to the drumming world and don't exactly know where to start or what to get, then I encourage you to check out this PDP Mainstage Complete Kit. It comes with everything you need to get started, it looks cool, and most of all, it sounds great! It is a perfect place to start your drumming life!

-- Nick D'Virgilio
Tingus Pingus : I love those grooves! This looks like a sick kit to take on tour
Mikey D Henk : Love this kit! I got the exact kit and color! However I switched to the planet z cymbals from zildjian, they have a very loud and crisp sound to them... but this kit has been great for me at live shows!! The compliments I get on them never gets old!! Very affordable as well! Highly recommend this kit! Thanks for this video
Colin Olsen : I remember when this kit first came out and NOBODY knew anything about it. I bought it as my first drum kit back in 2010 and I'm so glad I took the risk. It served me a long time and I'm glad Sweetwater gave it a proper review. It's a fantastic kit and it's great value for money...I still own the cymbals!
Kenji Mapes : This is a hard kit to beat for the money and it sounds fantastic. It’s ridiculous really. You can definitely keep this kit a while and instead of upgrading the kit, use the money to get a nice drum pedal and get some better cymbals. It sounds great and if you added some upgrades to the hardware and cymbals, you can’t go wrong.
KLindsayDrumming : I bought this kit back in 2013 or 2014 and still have it. Of course I have built on it over the years but i still use the original cymbals and hardware. Of course I have added plenty to it but it was a great buy. For what I gave for it then it has been well worth it.

Joe's Drum Tips: PDP Swivel leg hi hat stand

The benefits of having a two legged swivel hi hat stand for double bass pedal users.
more jello please : ANOTHER TIP: the tensioner bolt doesn't thread deep enough and will eventually strip out then you only have the light spring tension option and you're SOL. the solution is a longer bolt with 1/4" additional length added or more. I still own mine and stomp the crap out it when alternating with double bass. I think i'll make a video on this.
Brandon Graff : Thanks, I had a few PDP products and for being a basic model they held up to years of heavy drumming, no problems.
Rob Bastien : Thanks for making the video buddy, I've been having a heck of a time trying to fit my DW5000 double-base pedal next to my 3 legged stand...Now I know!
NatePeckOfficial : I highly recommend this product it extremely versitile and is great for double kick pedals as said in the video. of your were wondering it is 89.99 at most stores.
2002drumsonly : Good job reviewing the stand. Gonna get me one!

PDP Drum Set Unbox and Set Up

See how easy it is to assemble a new PDP Drum set, with the help of Brand Manager Rob and his sons. This great tutorial will guide you through virtually any drum set up, even if you have no experience at all.


0:00 - Intro

0:20 - Unboxing \u0026 Unwrapping a Drum Set

1:53 - Assembling the Floor Tom

8:32 - Assembling the Bass Drum

11:35 - Bass Drum Pedal Setup

13:00 - Snare Stand Setup

14:31 - Hi-Hat Stand Setup

18:29 - Cymbal Stand Setup

20:27 - Throne Setup

22:08 - Adjust Bass Drum Spurs

23:02 - Attach Bass Drum Pedal

23:32 - Tom Arms Into Bass Drum Mount

24:20 - Mounting The Toms

25:39 - Place Floor Tom

25:49 - Place Snare Drum on Stand

26:27 - Place Hi-Hat

26:43 - Place Cymbal Stand
Veeral Manek Drums : This is awesome! I've been a long time PDP drum player and its great to see how far the drums have come over the years
nerdydaddyo : This helped me assemble the Center Stage set perfectly for my son on Xmas Eve. Thank you big time! Very easy to follow along with.
Anthony Rizzie : This video is super helpful, and I wish I would have found it before nearly finishing assembly hahaha. This was particularly helpful with the hi hat and clutch though!
mustang0708 : Thank you so much!! Your video was perfect. Santa had brought the Encore for my daughter and there were no directions. Thank God for YouTube and people like you that post informative videos like this. Much appreciated. Merry Christmas!!!
aachucko : Well put together video. Awesome explanation and a Christmas Day blessing.




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