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How MDF Interior Doors are Made (Six-Panel Supa Doors) - Did You Know?

Supa Doors are the original MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) interior doors. They are manufactured in a patented process that creates one of the strongest, highest quality MDF interior doors on the market. The patented process simultaneously adheres two complete sides, including panels, to create a continuous lamination around the entire door. This process ensures that there are no weak spots in the door, which means a stronger more rigid door for you.

Made with a double hip out of 7/8” MDF, Supa Door uses one of the thickest standard door panels in the industry, which together with the unique patent process, takes the MDF advantage of less bowing and warping to the highest level.

The door is actually made in sections. MDF is cut into pieces (depending on design of door) and then sent through a series of milling machines where diamond blades trims the board to the appropriate size. The pieces are milled to specification by computer operated machines. The pieces eventually are glued, assembled, and nailed into half-doors. The two halves are then laminated and placed together and placed into a hydraulic press for an hour. Later the door is painted.

These doors weigh from approximately 80 pounds on up and can be repaired with “bondo” if every damaged. The company offers a selection of over 40 different door designs in seven standard widths and two standard heights. Supa Door also fills custom orders and manufactures fire-resistant doors for homes and businesses.
The company manufactures over 70,000 doors a year, which are sold through North American and Canada.


Supa Doors are manufactured from premium grade Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF (engineered wood) consists entirely of recycled wood waste. This added efficiency helps conserve our forest resources by reducing the total amount of lumber that has to be harvested to meet consumer demand for wood products.

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Joseph Brunner : Really awesome......70,000 doors made a year!!! Love this video guys! I am a civil engineer.....great job!
Thomas Ralfenson : I heard very good opinions about the Woodglut plans.

How to install tongue & groove MDF paneling

In this video I am installing tongue and groove effect MDF paneling to a bathroom that has been ripped out in preparation for a complete redecoration.
I'll show you how I went about completing this job, and show you how great it can look when it's finished.
Ensure you use a moisture resistant MDF if you are installing this kind of paneling in a bathroom or shower room.

Adhesive used: (Amazon)

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Terry Linden-Fermor : Some excellent work and true-to-life fitting problems, I used this paneling to hide some very unpleasant walling in a dining room, but mine was standing off tile battens to form a traditional look paneled wall. painted up it looked fab and a very happy customer - I'm sure yours was too Justin - Smashing job fella!
Whippetkid : Looking good, making working around imperfections look easy. I have stripped out my small WC and wanted to apply tongue & groove, however, one wall has pipes roughly 20mm above the surface. Would I have to have to chase them into the wall or do you have any work arounds I could apply? Cheers
MadNaduk : Really useful video, thanks! I am about to put some up in my bathroom. Can I ask - is the panelling you used water resistant or did you just paint it with gloss etc? If water resistant, can I ask where from?
My Guy Ty Clark : This looks great, but why not include the baseboard, cap, and painting of the panels? I was looking forward to seeing it all.
maria billings : In a new overboarder bathroom, would you need to skim it before you add these panels? Or can you do the panels straight to the board

mdf 합판으로 예쁜 벽면 만들기 패널 몰딩 셀프인테리어 페인트 잘 칠하기 making patterns on the wall with mdf, lowest cost moulding

누구나 할 수 있는 인테리어 입니다~

네일건 대신 실리콘 접착제를 사용해도 됩니다.
haejong yoon : 영상 잘 봤습니다 루바 너무 이쁘게 하셨네요!!
색상을 진한 회색으로 할 경우 동일한 실리콘 사용하나요? 나중에 실리콘에 페인트가 칠해질까요?
초보 : 예뻐요! 마무리도 참 깔끔하네요
일반 벽지위에도 시공할 수 있을까요?
roh : 집에서 제품 촬영을 하려고 하는데 기존 벽지가 마음에 안들어 셀프 포토존을 만들어보려고 합니다! 방 전체를 도배하긴 좀 그래서 여러 방법을 알아보다가 들고 원하는 곳에 배치할 수 있게합판에 페인트 칠하는 것으로 생각하고있습니다! 궁금한 부분을 아래에 남겨봅니다ㅠㅠ
1. 페인트를 칠하려면 합판은 몇T가 나을까요?
2. 합판 한 면만 구매할 예정이기 때문에 이음새가 없습니다! 그래도 퍼티작업이 필요할까요? 3. 2번 작업이 생략이 된다면, 프라이머 바른 후 페인트 작업하면 될까요?
Yonghwan Shin : mdf에 에나멜페인트는 바를 수 있나봅니다.
물기를 잘 빨아드려 페인트가 어렵다고 들었었는데...

그리고 각 참 잘 맞추시네요
가수덕화(사랑복,숨겨둔사랑) : 직접 재단하고 칠하고 멋집니다~~^^




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