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이름만 들으면 다 아는 호텔인데 객실 보면 놀란다는 그곳 솔직 후기

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#호캉스 #호텔 #5성급호텔

The Morning Sun - Leimoti
Ekans - Molife
Finding Rain - Emily Rubye
Autumn in New York - Brendon Moeller
Jazz by Night - Martin Landstrom
Oh What A Whirl - Jules Gaia
You Set My Soul on Fire (Instrumental Version) - Sture Zetterberg

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0:00 Intro
00:25 디럭스 객실 소개
03:27 더 플라자 서울 소개
04:54 체크인
05:52 프리미어 스위트
07:22 수영장\u0026피트니스
08:33 조식\u0026클럽라운지
10:00 또떠남 총평
Americano Venti : 저 영상제목만 보고 프라자호텔인줄 알았어요ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 제가 투숙했을때 생각했던 내용 그대로 말씀하시네요. 위치랑 브랜드네이밍에 비해서 인테리어는 음...... 특히 빨간색 포인트는 좀 아쉽긴 했어요 ㅋㅋㅋ 제 개인적인 생각으로는 위치는 진짜 한국 최고라고 생각해요. 서울시청 정면으로 바라보고있고 제일 랜드마크 같은 곳에 위치하잖아요 ㅋㅋ
선인장 : 와 인트로만보고 뭐이런델가셨대,,했는데 갑자기 창밖으로 시청이보여서 동공지진 ㅋㅋ 주옥을 너무 좋아해서 몇번 가봤지만 위엔 저런 객실을 품고있는줄 상상도 못했어요ㅋㅋㅋ 덕분에 재밌는 구경했어요! 역시 플라자는 식음에 강한가봐요~~
도란 : 호텔 외관과 객실의 분위기가 너무 달라서 영상 보자마자 깜짝 놀랐어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 이색적이어서 영상으로라도 만족해야겠네요ㅎㅎ.. 요번 영상도 넘 알차서 재미있게 봤습니다!!
트레블디토 Travel Ditto : 왘ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ디럭스 객실.....많이 당황스러울 수 있는 디자인이군요
저 건물을 설계한 분은,,, 한국을 방문하는 외국인들이 서울의 풍경을 가득 담아갈 수 있도록 설계한 것 같기도하네요!
사하 : 며칠전에 디럭스 갔다온 사람입니당ㅎ 바로 앞 덕수궁 산책하러나가기도 좋고, 관광목적인 경우 잠만 자니깐 객실 디자인은 크게 거슬리지않더라구용~ 뷰가 확실히 멀리 청와대까지 보이니 좋더라구용ㅡ 창문바라보며 야식먹었는데 좋았어요. 영상에서 나오다시피 2층 세븐스퀘어에서 조식먹었는데 괜찮았어용~ 남산도 가깝구 관광목적인 사람한테는 위치가 최고인듯!

See Which Hotels Were Caught Not Changing Bedsheets for New Guests

An Inside Edition investigation found that you might not always be getting clean bedsheets when you stay at a hotel. We visited rooms at different hotels and sprayed messages on the sheets using washable paint only visible under UV light. We checked out and booked into the same rooms the next evening. When we switched on the UV light, the painted messages were still there. The hotels #InsideEdition
JxrryWtf : I love how they spend their time exposing people
Ruth : My mom used to be a housekeeper at a hotel and Everytime I came with her she would change the pillows and the sheets which made me happy
Sumoores : I loved staying in hotels as a kid but now that I’m older they terrify me. The gross sheets, cameras, and infestations they can have. People can be so creepy and unclean.
Eternally Senseless : Plot Twist: They didn’t actually change the pillow cases, they just flipped them over.
Wolf Edmunds : Imagine seeing a bunch more glowing spots when using the black light

Best Hotels & Areas to Stay in Washington DC

We recommend 11 areas that are convenient and safe for Washington, DC visitors. The Trip Hacks DC Recommended Hotels Guide and Where to Stay map can help you find specific accommodations.

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Trip Hacks DC : You can check out the Trip Hacks DC Recommended Hotels Guide over at https://www.triphacksdc.com/hotels. If you want to see the 11 recommended areas on a Google Map, click or tap right here: https://goo.gl/JQkcrM.
Creative Frugal Fun : We stayed in Georgetown at the Residence Inn (Marriott). We loved the location, it was close to the Foggy Bottom Metro and there were restaurants and several grocery stores around. We had a room with a small kitchen, free breakfast each day and they did an evening social Mon-Wed that was our dinner. We chose to stay there to help save on Metro expenses but honestly once we figured out how to calculate the metro fees via city mapper I realized that we could have stayed in Arlington and saved ALOT of money. It was only $.25-$.50 more for each person taking the Metro to be in Arlington and the hotels were $100+ per night cheaper. I think they even have a Residence Inn in Arlington so you'd have breakfast/kitchen and possibly the evening social also. The Metro is so fast that it really wouldn't take that long to get into the city (just avoid AM or PM rush hours) and you could save alot. If we go again and there is a big discrepancy in price we will stay in Arlington instead. FYI I think Arlington even has a Costco and some of the hotels I looked into offered a 1 mile radius shuttle so they'd drive you there. Think cheap lunch/dinner.
va3nh : Excellent video and you are so right, I have found that at different times of the year, sometimes it is easier and cheaper to stay across the river in Crystal City. Keep up the great videos!
CrazyEagle29 : Hi Rob. Me and my friend went to DC last year for the first time. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Greenbelt, Maryland. The hotel had the best customer service I’ve ever seen. They also had a free Shuttle that would take you to and from the Greenbelt metro station. One time the shuttle wasn’t available when we requested it, and the staff paid for us a taxi so we didn’t have to wait. I’ve never seen a hotel staff go out of their way to help customers like they did. Being outside the city we were able to save a lot of money on the hotel price and were able to do a lot more on our trip. Would definitely recommend Holiday Inn Greenbelt, Maryland to anybody!
Donna Edwards : Great video! Please add some hotels that are pet friendly. I stayed at the Monaco in Alexandria with my cat. Nice hotel! Do you have any suggestions?




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