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How To Install Duke Nukem 3D Native ARM On M1 Mac Using Raze Source Port

Buy Duke Nukem 3D: https://www.zoom-platform.com/product/duke-nukem-3d-atomic-edition?affiliate=d13eea34-a694-4c6b-831e-0706cd728e86
Raze download: https://github.com/coelckers/Raze
Duke Nukem 3D: https://archive.org/details/Duke_Nukem_3D_Complete_Version_3D_Realms_1996

Preferences folder for Raze: ~/Library/Preferences/raze.ini
Path issue: https://github.com/coelckers/Raze/issues/434

► My equipment:
DJI Pocket 2 - https://geni.us/djipocket2combo
SanDisk Extreme 256 GB - https://geni.us/sandiskextreme256gb
MacBook Air M1 - https://geni.us/applem1macbookair
Anker SD Card Reader USB 3.0 - https://geni.us/ankersd

► Other channels:

► Get the NEW M1 Macs here (Amazon links):

Affiliates Disclosure: Andrew Tsai is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Andrew also places links for other affiliate links which may earn commissions when viewers follow those links.
revorocks123 : amazing, thanks for this. So much easier than expected. Just works, they did a great job with Raze
Eric Carl : Extremely helpful, thank you!
Joris - : Neat! Thanks.
Hajs Sks : cool .. thank u

NATIVE UPDATE - Mac Mini M1 For Orchestral Composing

This video is an update to my original Mac Mini review. I talk about the transition from Rosetta to Native in terms of plug-in compatibility and performance.

Intro - 0:00
Rosetta - 1:20
Non-native plugins in Logic Pro X - 2:00
Performance - 6:14
Memory - 10:53
Overloads - 14:10
Processing Threads - 15:04
Ending - 17:40

Original Video: Mac Mini M1 - How is it for Orchestral Composing?

Christian Kolo : Hi there, I see you have some 400 tracks in your session, how are they all loaded? Using MIDI or does each track use its own instance?
theheadlessaxeman : I have been looking for a well conducted test of the M1 mini with orchestral scores, and with your other test, I finally found it!!
And a test against the MBP as a reference!
AND here we have a useful update on native performance......
Thank you for taking the time to do this. Greatly appreciated
Needless to say, I'm Impressed !!
PS, your music is extremely good :)
Ankan Mishra : I love your track "Hoist the sails"
Love from India.
Thomas Berdinski : VERY helpful! Thanks for giving us your observations.
Hafoman Manfo : Thank you! Q: would 16 gb be ok to run complete Spitfire Str/Brass/Woodwind? Or do I need 32 gb (mac studio)?

Best Metal Laser Engraver: Mr.Carve M1 Review

You can get the DAJA (Mr.Carve) M1from: https://bit.ly/3JbuZTv
Highlights of the DAJA M1:
Portable Design

Low requirements for working space, easy to use and carry

High Engraving Efficiency

It is suitable for industrial batch production and can be used for various industrial production scenarios (domestic and commercial)

Suitable for Various Occasions

* All metal materials and plastics, such as electrical appliances, Electronic components, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile phone

communication components, chips

* Paint materials, such as paint metal paint wood paint plastic paint paper paint glass, etc

* Good marking effect of leather acrylic

* Highlight the features and advantages of this product (such as very small text, barcode, QR code, automatically added part number, vector diagram, etc.) and meet the needs of industrial automation

High-Precision Focusing

Equipped with electric lifting, visual double red light laser polymerization, high-precision focusing. and the operation area is clearly and accurately adjusted, the focusing is simple and convenient

Laser Direction Control

The direction of the laser parallel to the carrier plane can be adjusted before and after. It is not limited by the volume and shape of carved objects. and more flexible and can operate more objects of different shapes


1064nm infrared end-pumped solid-state laser is adopted, which can not see the laser, It is safer to use. and the body will not hurt the human body if it directly contacts the laser.

Here is the timeline:
00:00 - Intro
00:52 - Design
01:43 - How to use
02:17 - How to print text
03:15 - How to print text picture
04:38 - Engraving quality
05:27 - Pros
07:09 - Cons
08:02 - Conclusion

Check out all the available coupons and get a discount on the product featured in this video here: http://bit.ly/2J95dQN

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Laurens D : Is it possible to use ezcad with this, they say this seems like a fork of ezcad but would love to know, If I can use other apps with this in the future (for example lightburn when fiber option is out)
Lucy Ashton Jewellery : Was thinking of purchasing this product but see that the Laserpecker 3 can engrave on metal.
Have you tried it yet? I want a machine to solely engrave on sterling silver and possibly gold. Just not sure on which one, love your honest reviews so would love your thoughts.
Angel Najera : How wide can it print?
Gadgets, gimmicks & tech : Impressive quality
sarah recodos : Hi sir. I am your new subscriber. I'd like to start an engraving business. How much is that kind of machine? Is it affordable?




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