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Rolex 904L Steel

Manufacturing of a Rolex Oyster Case, using the 904L Steel.\r
'That helps to explain why, at Rolex, they treat steel as if it were a precious metal.'

Manufacturing Rolex Oyster Cases using 904L Steel

Although many watch aficionados understand that watches are made from stainless steel, most don’t know much about why we use this metal. Stainless steel is vital for the wristwatch - with the proximity to your skin, you can build up sweat and moisture, making the watch a corrosion magnet. In additon, waterproof watches are especially susceptible - as the threads holding the crown and case back cannot corrode.

Nowadays, most stainless steel wristwatches are made of 316L stainless steel, and for a time, so was Rolex. Even though 316L stainless steel was created in order to prevent rust and pits from salt water and sweat, Rolex was finding excess wear in the case back threads and watch case. Salt and other minerals are the catalysts needed for corrosion and deterioration of the threads holding the case back. They could clearly see that gold and platinum watches didn't have this corrosion issue, so it needed fixing. In 2003 their entire production line changed to 904L, though it was as early as 1988 that they released their first 904L steel watch with several versions of the Sea-Dweller.
Paddy Mc : Imagine trying to make a type of Stainless Steel sound exclusive and desirable... Wow, so impressive... It's like a Straw Hat maker talking about the unique quality of their preferred type of straw. That's nice and all, but it's still just straw, and with Rolex, it's still just Stainless Steel. Who did they make this for? Oh and even Microbrands use 904L now.

Come back when you're doing what Omega does with their unique alloys like their Tantalum or Sedna Rose Gold. Now that's the kind of thing you can brag about.
operamatt : lol, rolex isn’t the only watch company that uses 904L
Bmwryder : That is sad, people are on waiting lists for a watch that is machine made like this then pay tens of thousands for one.
Jason Yu : What’s the second step that formed the lugs?
tim sims : The 904 steel costs a couple of quid per kg. So it's really pathetic that Rolex boast about it - the cases must cost pennies


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WatchSpinn : Please make a review with wristsize, weight, also close-ups with the case.
mike lai : 連續睇咗你哋好多片,呢隻牌子真係好靚,越睇越鍾意
gallen4105 : 希望仔出多d 熱款904L
Sawada Li : 又上了一課!感謝達人
Raymond Fu : 用904L同勞一樣,不用抄價,多謝達人好介绍




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