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Chausson X550 - the thinnest motorhome on the market.

This is what Trigano calls an ultra-compact van, it is the Chausson X550 also branded as the Challenger X150 which the manufacturers claim gives one the benefits of a campervan in a motorhome. It will cost from EUR60k. It is based on the Fiat Ducato.
The benefit of a campervan is the size, nothing else really comes to mind when talking of the end user. This vehicle is 599cm long but there are already plenty of motorhomes at that length and 210cm wide – which is wider than any campervan I know but certainly puts it in the slim line as far as motorhomes are concerned.
What may be interesting is that it has a large lounge for a vehicle of this size – but so does the smallest Benimar which is also manufactured by Trigano. The seats are 114cm wide so they take up almost one fifth of the entire outer length of the van! A table goes in the centre. The bed is over the lounge, they have called it a power bed which I think is a new name for the electrically operated bed which has been around for some time. 190x140cm large double bed locked in the middle position.
The exterior is designed in campervan decals, or so says Trigano.
What the vehicle does have is a rear washroom. A number of Trigano models have done this but none in the six metre class. It also provides for access to the garage from the inside via what it has termed the dressing area. Again, other models do this but not six metre ones.
The aforementioned Benimar has a very large kitchen with a side washroom. Fortunately it does not have a campervan kitchen but does provide a bit more space and it has a 134 litre refrigerator.
The walls are made from fibreglass reinforced polyester (GRP) and it will probably be OK for three season travel.
Standing height of up to 198cm is another feature improved on campervans.
There are decorative elements on the wall and the ceiling lights have been designed exclusively for the X550 -X150.
Overall weight, ready to go, is 2,700kg.

I live in a motorhome full time and travel around Europe in it. I spend most of my time in Poland, Germany and Italy. Vanlife is my life.

In my YouTube channel, I present reviews of recreational vehicles. Here you will find campervans and motorhomes from the cheapest camper vans to the most expensive luxury liners, from various companies including Hobby, Hymer, Carthago, Westfalia, Wingamm, La Strada, Frankia, Wavecamper, Maurer, Dreamer, Itineo, Rapido, Clever Vans, Pössl, Bürstner, Niesmann Bischoff, Action Mobil, Reisemobil Manufaktur, Robeta, Trigano, Challenger, EuraMobil, Karmann Mobil, Laika, Forster, Mobilvetta Design, Affinity, Globe Traveller, Benimar, Roller Team, Adria, Bocklet, Woelcke,Tourne, Megamobil, VW, Mercedes, CS, Renault, Ford, Fiat, Carado, Sunlight, Baileys, Chausson, Balcamp, Knaus, Weinsberg, Murvi, Bliss, Mitsubishi, Woelcke, Reisemobile Bürow, Holzmobil, Giotti Line, Florium, Fleurette, Ahorn, Westfalia, Space Camper, Orange Work, Concorde, Womondo, Protec, Auto Sleeper, Dethleffs, Ilusion, Gehocab, Malibu, Pilote, Wild Ax, Vantage, Bresler, Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik, Morelo, Swift, Carado and others.

I do this by regularly attending trade events such as CMT Stuttgart, Abenteuer und Allrad, Caravan Salon Dusseldorf, Warsaw Caravan and Camping Show and sometimes others.

I cover equipment, including 12v electrical equipment and talk a lot about lithium batteries.

I also show some of the places I have visited in Europe in my own motorhome, as well as the places you can stay at! I try to give as much coverage as I can to official campsites and free places which I use for overnighting. Therefore you can find here the aire or stellplatz that you are possibly looking for.

Please consider supporting me on Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/alanheath
Alan Heath : Contrary to what I say here, the seats do turn around!
The toilet door is needed as the interior slider is for the shower only.
There was another mistake in the video but I have forgotten what it was now!
Neil Mc cann : I am taking delivery of one of these in the next couple of days . I have bought and load for it last month 63k and then some extras like extra battery and solar panel and awning . This will be my 3rd 6m chausson motorhome in in 6 years and I love them . The drop down bed is the most amazing thing . It turns a a spacious living room into a bedroom at the push of s button .. this is now 250mm narrower than my previous models which makes it immediately far easier to drive around town and country roads and the they need style makes me feel more youthful , I am a youthful 51 year old … next Saturday I’m getting the ferry from Belfast to Stranraer and then a full days driving to the channel tunnel and I’ll be in Calais for my first night of a European road trip in comfort , style and agility —— wish me luck lol
Anni C : Another great video, Alan. As a single person, I really liked the space. Not enough storage, but ok for someone like me.
Tim Bourbon : I liked the X550 when it first came out and I still do now. It has good use of space with generous washroom at the rear. However it's a nit too contemporary if I'm being honest. I don't like the fold away sink and the other thing I'm not keen on is the fact it only has one window on the left hand side of the lounge, it doesn't have one on tne right. I'm not keen on the drop down bed concept either but if its a lateral sleeping arrangement on the roof bed that's not so bad, the transverse sleeping arrangements ate just a pain. It is a very expensive motorhome for what it is at £70k+
Stephen Brown : Great video again your description s are spot on.
The van, well a bit cramped looking, might be the colour scheme
Needs a window opposite the other lounge one.
Drop down saves it.

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