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Leica SL2-S:

Intro- 1:34
Unboxing- 1:34
First Impressions - 08:17

These are some of my favorite cameras:

Ricoh GR III:

Leica Q2:

Fujifilm X100V:

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Koala Kontrol : woo! can you use it as a 'webcam' when tether via usb-c?
Shaka : There’s nothing like a Leica… price
Stu Hunter : Great stuff as always. Congrats buddy. I totally feel that urge to add to my Q2 also lol. I have the a7III and a7SIII and so many lenses that I will be sticking with that system primarily but feeling like an M10R is in my near future as my next Leica. Simply can’t beat the feel of a Leica body. Can’t wait to see your work with this beauty!
Ciaran Giroux : I’ve been really tempted to save up for the SL2S. Seems like the most well rounded Leica. I do worry about the autofocus though.
Matt Day : Can’t wait to see what you make with it, Luis! Excited for you to see the low light and dynamic range from that sensor.

[] 카이로 KIR-SL2S

Leica SL2-S Review (Oh, how we like a Leica)

The Leica SL2-S is similar to the original Leica SL2, but has a 24MP sensor and impressive video features. We compare it to the SL2, explore those video features, and compare it to the Panasonic S1 and S1H.

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Valery Mironenko : excellent review
Shademan Irvanipour : To buy both the camera and the lens in Uk you need over £2.000 or even £3.000
Stephen Pitts : Good summary but you guys missed the really critical point here: the SL2-S is 2-3 f-stops better in low light and even beats the Sony A7SIII for low light. Come back and test it. This makes the SLS-2 a different camera than the SL2. Its a trade-off, not a diminution.
Chris Loomis : Can tell is CANADA .. Rainbow Steps ( virtue signaling ) and specific areas ... ONLY to vlog from ..." only " against this bland wall please !!! Only in SJW .....Choked poor CANADA.... Next innovation: Rainbow Dental coatings for your " WHITE " teeth .....those racists white teeth ~
有时真忍不住笑 : User unfriendly device for showoff guys.




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