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Urban Priol: TILT 2021 | ZDF

Auch in diesem Jahr war nichts so wie sonst. Die Pandemie hat das Land weiterhin beschäftigt und die Bundestagswahl hat neue Mehrheiten geschaffen. Doch Urban Priol bleibt stabil und blickt auf das vergangene Jahr zurück.

89 min

Einheit-101 : Da ist er wieder, der einzig interessante Jahresrückblick des Jahres.
Wall Street Pirate : immer noch besser als alles andere, was sich "Satire" nennt.
Casus Death Metal : Auch ohne Georg Schramm immer wieder genial. Und mögen sich die Ungeimpften noch so sehr dran hochziehen.
Thomas Schulz : Urban Priol wie er leibt und lebt, SUPERTOLL, danke für das Video.
Graf Martina : Super Urban Priol! Danke

Kernal Roberts - Tilt (Official Music Video | Tilt Riddim | 2022 Soca

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Kernal Roberts - Tilt (video credits)

Video credits
Executive Producer: Chinese LAUNDRY Music
Directed: Akeil “Elmo” Claverie
Dance Choreographer: Shaakir aka Turbo Zerolimits
Audio Visual Studio: Johnny Q Studious , Aranguez , Trinidad.
Wardrobe Sponsor : Trendsetter Boulevard, Aboutique Mall, POS.

Music Credits
Written by : Kernal Roberts, Anthony Chow Lin On \u0026 Joel “Zan” Feveck
Background Vocals : Kernal Roberts \u0026 Joel “Zan” Feveck
Produced by : Rishi Mahato, Kernal Roberts \u0026 Chinese LAUNDRY
Mixed and Mastered by : Rishi Mahato at Maha Productions
Recorded at : Maha Productions \u0026 Chinese LAUNDRY Music
Executive Producer : Chinese LAUNDRY Music
Distributed by: Chinese Laundry Music \u0026 Shayegan Media And Marketing

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Sa Sa : ...Nicely done Kernal. One of my favorites for 2022. The dancers complemented well.
DJ TrayBaby : This riddim was definitely inspired by Burna Boy's Onyeka! I love it
Kareem Peters : This song is a whole mood yes when I dancing love it....this song makes me free up myself ❤️❤️
Carol Odongo : Well done son. I appreciate yuh vibes. The Grandmaster would be proud of you. Keep the flag flying high
Tessa Gill : This video showed you can be just as sexy and do a perfect dance routine WITHOUT dressing half or quarter NAKED. Well done.

The 8 Reasons To TILT In Poker ♠️ PokerStars

Why do poker players get angry you may ask? Check out this poker compilation to find out the most common causes of TILT in poker! Subscribe here to our channel: http://psta.rs/SubscribetoPS

00:00 Introduction
00:15 1 Opponents making weird decisions
1:54 2 Bad poker etiquette
04:15 3 Getting slow rolled
05:20 4 Excessive table banter
07:49 5 Opponents taking too long
10:20 6 Receiving a bad beat
11:33 7 The lighting at the table?
19:14 8 Getting eliminated


Poker is not always a game of peace; When so much is on the line, it's easy to get tilted and adopt strategies that are... less than optimal. In this series, we will see huge egos, big mouths, and crazy tilts, as well as big names in poker like Litvinov and Srinivasan getting frustrated, angry, drunk, and emotional at the poker table! Follow along as we watch some of the craziest reactions from the top players in the world. And remember, if you're thinking of a reaction in a poker table you can't get out of your head but don't see here, let us know in the comments below!


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#PokerStars #PokerPlayersTilted #AngryPoker
genghisYI : The british guy withh the A5 was SUPER nice to that grumpy german kid. He called relatively fast already given the board texture. He even went the extent to apologize which he didnt have to.
Leggo My Ego : In that first hand of Cuervo and Busquet, I'm not sure what busquet is tilting about other than if he realized that he gave away the strength of his hand with that check in the dark.
BRIPI : The A5 was not a slow roll, surprised to think he thought it was
Kit Billion : Dark check was pretty big tell imo. After check calling its often concerning
Tumisang Moumakoe : Olivier messed it up for himself:

1. He called all the way which means he has something.
2. Everyone sees 3 cards of a suits, we just need reason to believe that you have it.
3. Weird behavior is over compensation.
4. Blind check (weak trapping) gave his opponent the opportunity to collect a risk free sizable pot or minimize damage of having to bet.




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